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This is a small game I created for my co-workers. My first game published beyond my flat.

In the game you play as a dog Noor. Our boss' dog who is very whimsical and hyperactive. The game is first person adventure, you can explore several rooms (modeled based on our office), find some interactive objects and mainly several quests for my co-workers. And maybe the office hides a secret. 


  • Take on quests and help co-workers
  • Jump
  • Bark
  • Barrel roll
  • Look for secrets

Game controlls:

  • [W] [A] [S] [D] or arrows for movement
  • [F] or [Left Mouse Button] for main interaction
  • [SPACE] for jumping
  • [B] for barking
  • [V] for barrel rolling


office.app.zip 269 MB
Noor's Day.zip 101 MB

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